Our parents can also make mistakes.

It’s up to us whether we understand and forgive.

Image source: pixabay.com

This is an undeniable fact.

I was so obstinate to realize it. It took me twenty-six years to understand.

But, it’s natural and reasonable for the children to believe that their parents can never be wrong.

That’s how we grow up.

Most of us identify our parents as our role models. We look up to them all the time. We seek their guidance because we are aware that they know better; they’re more experienced and would never be wrong.

At least that’s what I believed.

But the fact that our parents are no super-humans hit me hard when I wasn’t ready to accept.

I argued with them for giving me wrong advises, for taking me casually and for simply being strict parents.

Naturally, they were hurt by my accusations. On several occasions, my father and I would go days without talking.

It took me weeks to reconcile with them and understand their situation.

Incredibly, my parents were accepting and forgiving. Before they could say anything, I fathomed where I had offended them and what went wrong.

I comprehended that they are only humans.

And humans are not perfect.

They commit mistakes and learn from them. That’s how we evolve.

But for parents; their reputation of a mature and experienced person is perpetually at stake.

They take calculated steps to ensure their children are taking the right path irrespective of the fact that it took them several wrong paths to understand life.

We as children must be grateful to our parents and not criticize them if they go wrong somewhere. A few missteps are not a big deal.

We must learn to be more tolerant and acceptable, like our parents.

After all, none of us is perfect.

Trying to give a voice to the conversation between me and my inner self.